Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do you lie to me? You're named but you also have endings.

Well excuse me, but "" was a bit too long for my taste. You can click the circle in the bottom left to only get openings.

I requested the opening from X, why isn't it on the site yet?

Openings will come. When you suggest something it's added to a list. Openings on this list are completed in a random order so someday your opening/ending will arrive. If it will take 30 minutes or 5 weeks however is something I can't tell you. And nagging does not help (in fact, it'll probably make me lower the priority).

I can't wait for my opening to arrive, you work like a snail.

Then submit an encode yourself, or find someone else willing to encode and submit it for you.

Why won't the videos play?

The most likely reasons are:

If you are using an iOS device, there is nothing you can do except not use an iOS device.

If you are using a browser that doesn't support WebM, get one that does (eg. Firefox, Chrome, or Opera). If you cannot use another browser, there are plugins available somewhere online that will allow you to play WebM videos.

If you believe another issue is causing this, contact Quad on Twitter or alternatively by mail ( and we can try to work out a solution.

Why do none of the buttons work?

You have disabled JavaScript. Don't do that.

I got this really weird video, what does that mean?

There are Easter Eggs hidden on the site. These will report the title and source as "???". Congratulations, you found one!

Can I use my keyboard to interact with the site?

Yes. These are the current keybindings on the home page:

M Open/Close menu

N New video

/ Back/Forward 10 seconds

Space Pause/Play

F Toggle fullscreen

S Toggle subtitles (experimental)

Page Up/Down or Scroll Wheel Volume