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Let's get this out of the way first:


Running this site isn't all fun and dandy. It requires time, effort and money. There are various things I need to run this, so here's a list of what your donation is paying for:



Things we want money for

Far fetched goals

* Bitcoin payments are processed using coinbase. Please include "" somewhere in the message and optionally a name that will be used to credit your donation in the sheet. If no name is given, it will be marked "Anonymous".
If you prefer, you can use this address to pay: 1HBWgdHj17P1fSF9iDDjzzH1EfeQopF6T8
Bitcoin donations will be converted to USD at the current rate as soon as I add them to my paperwork. This is just for consistency, I will cover losses/gains due to fluctuations out of my own pocket. Shit, this note is getting really long now, I think it's about time I stopped writing.