IRC details

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We use two IRC channels for our chat. Here's the details for both of them:

This is the default channel where most of the exciting stuff happens. This is probably where you want to be if you're planning to talk with other people. This channel is for regular discussions about anything.


The contributor channel. This is where we discuss future changes to the site and accept encodes. If you're interested in the development of the site and want to know what we're currently doing or wish to help us, then this is where you should be.
(Psst, this is a nice place to idle if you want to catch some statistics and stuff.)

Connecting with your own client

Both our channels are on the rizon network, so using your own client is pretty simple. Open your client and connect to; then you can follow the guidelines to register your nickname if you want to. After that, just write /join followed by the channel you want to join.

If you need a client, we recommend HexChat. If you're a bit more hardcore, you might want to try Weechat for Linux or cygwin.