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API Documentation

List API - /api/list.php

Query string parameters

shuffle - Shuffle the results.

Sample reply

        "uid": "Opening1-11eyes",
        "song": {
            "title": "Sequentia",
            "artist": "Asriel"
        "source": "11eyes"
    }, {
        "uid": "Ending1-11eyes",
        "song": {
            "title": "Arrival of Tears",
            "artist": "Ayane"
        "source": "11eyes"
    }, And so on...

Details API - /api/details.php

The API will return the metadata for the file specified. It will also return a comment for both successful and failed API calls.

Query string parameters

name - The UID or filename (without file extension) of the video to get.

index - When getting a random video, generate this many random videos before generating the random video to return.

seed - The seed to be used by the random number generator. If a seed is not given, a random one will be generated.

seen_{behavior} - The number of videos previously returned of the specified behavior. Used to determine whether or not to show a video that is set to be shown on an interval.

skip_{type} - The video types to skip. True for '', '1', 'true', 'on', or 'yes'.

None of these parameters are required if you want to get a random video. If both name and index are given, index will be ignored. If a specific video is requested using the name parameter and it cannot be found, an error message will be returned. If a video is requested by index but it matches one of the types to skip then a random video with an acceptable type and an index greater than the given index will be returned (if every video matches a type to skip the types to skip will be ignored). The last two parameters can appear multiple times, with each appearance corresponding to one behavior/type.

Sample reply

To get the details of this video you would use /api/details.php?name=Opening1-Nekomonogatari(Kuro):TsubasaFamily

    "title": "Opening 1",
    "file": "Nekomonogatari(Kuro)-OP01-NCBD",
    "mime": ["video/mp4","video/webm;codecs=\"vp9,opus\""],
    "type": "OP",
    "uid": "Opening1-Nekomonogatari(Kuro):TsubasaFamily",
    "song": {
        "title": "perfect slumbers",
        "artist": "Yui Horie"
    "subtitles": "Commie",
    "source": "Nekomonogatari (Kuro): Tsubasa Family",
    "path": "video",
    "index": 0,
    "seed": 8596592039400759000,
    "seen": [],
    "skip": [],
    "success": true,
    "comment": "No errors"